Updated RAAM elevation profile

I’ve updated the topocreator.com elevation profile using a higher resolution dataset to get the full 3005 miles of the course. Plus, I turned on the box gradient feature. The box gradients are drawn into the profile and show ALL climbs and descents of at least 1 mile in length and a 5% average grade. Inside the box is the exact length of the 5% section of the climb, the exact grade, and the vertical difference between the start and end of the climb (or descent). Click on the image below for a 8500 pixel version of the profile. Your browser will probably load the image in a window by itself and then scale it down to fit on the screen. You may need to click on the image itself again to zoom in to see full detail.

Full 3005 mile RAAM 2015 elevation profile with box gradients (click to enlarge)Full 3005 mile RAAM 2015 elevation profile with box gradients (click to enlarge)

To get this to work, I rewrote the entire algorithm in Java so that it could run on a real machine rather than the virtual machine hosting the web server. The profile creation took only a matter of a couple of minutes … most of which was transferring the megabytes of data back and forth between the web server and my home system.

2 thoughts on “Updated RAAM elevation profile”

  1. Hi Brian I am from Australia and doing RAMM this year you haven’t done spreadsheets showing all the different climbs have you I have been trying to do one but I am average on a computer.

    Any other info would be great. We are in as a 4 man team..

    1. I haven’t done one either, but if you click on this link – http://toone2015.briantoone.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/topocreator-raamprofile-gradients.gif – and then open it in a photo editing program so you can zoom into 100%, each of the red rectangles is a climb that is at least 1 mile long with 5% average. The specific stats are shown above the box (length, gradient). You could use that as a starting point and reconcile it against this map you can zoom into – http://www.topocreator.com/beta/items/view/6837 Hope this helps!

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