A year later… reflecting on RAAM

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So, it’s been a year since our epic adventure. I’ll be brutally honest here – I had every intention {before RAAM} of chronicling our entire experience on this blog after the race, so others could learn from it and so we would remember the highs and lows. But after RAAM was over, the weight of the emotions and the accomplishment and the struggle to get to the finish hit me very hard. Speaking about it to friends was a challenge, as they had seen the social media approved image we all put out, not the struggles we battled daily to get to Maryland. I’ve probably got a bit of Post RAAM Stress Disorder. Some friends heard all the details, some heard bits and pieces, but ultimately, I couldn’t bring myself to come back here and rehash it all, though there is so much to learn.
But Facebook is giving me memories from last year {a year ago today Brian, Mike, Pete and Lou were driving west, and I was set to fly out a year ago tomorrow}, and RAAM is poised to start on Tuesday. And a part of me wants to use these to look back and try to chronicle the journey here. Most of me doesn’t 🙂 But I’m going to try, and if you get bored of all my words, I’ll understand if you don’t read all the way through. I’m going to use last year’s Instagram posts from my feed as my springboard.  Understand that this is mostly therapy for me, as well as lessons for others who might be brave enough to try to support their husband on a 10 day race across the country, though those people, whew… I have some personally encouraging words just for them.

After all that, I’ll leave you with a funny Instagram post I just came across 🙂


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