Join our team

You can be a part of this journey in several different ways:

  • Be part of the crew – our crew is almost set, but we may still have one or two spots open. If you can take two weeks off from work from about June 13th to June 27th and if you have the perseverance to endure 8, 9, or 10 days supporting my race attempt. Email me –
  • Sponsor me – if your company wants national exposure, consider signing on as a Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Titanium sponsor.
  • Make a donation – if you want to personally support my effort, consider making a donation using the Paypal link or the RallyMe website below.
  • Connect me with sponsors – if you have a personal connection with an organization that might want to be a sponsor – please email me with contact information or give my contact information to your contact.
  • Follow my training – help spread the word about my race attempt. Watch this race unfold from the ground up.