The RAAM finish line through Analise’s eyes…

A guest post from our daughter, Analise. She had to write a descriptive paragraph for school.

I was wet, soaked to the bone. We were waiting for my dad to finish riding his bike across the country! It was rainy and windy, but it felt sunny inside my heart! I shivered as I sniffed the salty air of the bay. I looked out into the bay of Maryland and saw the darkness of 6:00 am. I felt like I hadn’t seen my dad in years, but it only had been two weeks. I turned around to see my cousins waiting with anticipation for my dad to come around the bend. As I began to turn back, I saw my brother screaming and yelping with joy as he saw my dad. My heart started to race like I was the one on the bike. I ran and pulled out my phone and almost dropped it. As I went to start the video, a nice man led me right up to the finish line. It felt like an angel was carrying me to up to my dad. As I saw him come around the bend, the wind made the American flag slap against its pole. I realized at that moment God had a reason for everything!

A family moment to remember
A family moment to remember

3 thoughts on “The RAAM finish line through Analise’s eyes…”

  1. Way to go Analise! Great write-up! I was so happy to have you there at the finish, and it was great talking to you during the race over the phone. You were a big part of me being able to finish the race!

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